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hello i need money to live and i like to make free stuff so send money if you would like for that to work out

the free stuff include my very good social media posts, attempts at music,, tumelune,
hosting and administrating,,

see if you want me to host a mastodon instance
see also my patreon if it's more practical for you
same @ on twitter and octodon if you want anything else
bitcoin: bc1qaqyuy7223qqxz2jcegffqqjfdwndtg56cdrw3a or 18NY191tpG3WhvRbjxxcqHG4MFgCkSSsAA
monero: 88Py8XtrBLCfmSgBh8wv678CKkZMh777vFiZncrpuHQahaSSJE3ag1aGKHodrFyYP2hzcYiqbF9zQX11VfN3f8deDjQM7vp

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