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I'm an Independent Aspiring Christian Spoken Word Poet, Poetic Flow Artist, and Writer

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I'm Jamie Gray, PoetByDesign, and I am n Independent Aspiring Christian Spoken Word Poet, Poetic Flow Artist, and Writer. I began writing poetry at the tender age of 9 years old. Inspired by the absence of my mother, who passed away when I was only 1 year old. What began as I miss you mom letters, soon transformed into poems. Although, I never got the opportunity to know my mother; her absence from my life was deeply felt. This missing presence caused me to be shy, quiet, and anti-sociable. I've had a lot of challenges and setbacks. Nevertheless, the strength displayed before me, by the two incredibly strong women (my Grandmother and my Aunt) who shared in the responsibility of raising me, ultimately, instilled this strength in me. Therefore, I persevered and with God's help, I shall continue to do so.

With that being said; I believe that every event, circumstance played a role and prompted me to write poetry. Being able to express myself poetically was a well-needed vent. Helping to release some of the pressures of life. An escape if you will. I truly believe it was all by design. Thus the name PoetByDesign.

I now understand my purpose is to be a messenger through my artistic gift. I have self-published two inspirational Poetry books; 'My Praise; My Worship' and ‘From My Heart; To God's Ears' in 2018, and my debut album titled 'The Art Of Ministry,' in 2019. However, being that I don't have the monetary means; my marketing budget is non-existent, and over the past three years; I have exhausted all of my self-marketing ideas. Thereby the results being; that I am currently still an unknown Author and Artist.

See, I use my unique and diverse poetry styles to passionately express what the world needs, what the world is seeking. Especially in times like these. Faith, Hope, Peace, and The Creator’s Love for mankind. I write words that provoke these emotions in the heart of every reader/hearer. The passion I translate will uplift, encourage, and enlighten as I will creatively share the gift God has gifted me. I am asking for donations that I may be able to pay for professional marketing and/or a marketing team that I might be able to gain the necessary exposure to effectively share my gift as well as also making it possible for me to continue to put out poetic works. Perhaps, I'll even be able to accomplish my goal of making my 1st professional video. Thank you. Blessings!

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