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I work on a large number of personal programming projects for myself that I then make available to others to use. Some of the more notable projects:

  • zip-builder - A program that takes a build "recipe" containing a list of items to include in a flashable zip for Android and assembles the zip file for you. As far as I can tell, it is the only tool of its kind that makes the process as easy as it does.
  • BluestNight - A website theme for Hugo static sites, written from scratch to load pages quickly and have plenty of useful features.
  • shadowhosts - A hosts file editor with a simple configuration file that can download entries from remote sources and use them to e.g. block advertising domains.

Further, there are plans for server components to use with BluestNight and other static sites to do things like handle forms and securely accept credit card payments. Once these server items are written and tested, focus will be shifted to making some of them available for supporters to use on their own sites.

Money will go towards paying monthly costs for services I use relating to these projects, e.g. DigitalOcean for hosting. If all of those get covered, anything left over goes toward more personal monthly costs, with anything left over after that either used to expand or saved for a rainy day.

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