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I'm Alexis, but you can call me Siphonay. I'm a 20 year old demiguy who lives in Rennes, France.

I am currently administrating, and moderating its community. It is a Mastodon instance aimed at fans of the Pokémon franchise that aims to be a safe, friendly and inclusive community. I also run the Pokémon News account to share the latest Pokémon informations with the fediverese.

Aditionally, I am a meiator on, a moderator on and an administrator on

You can donate to this Liberapay page if you want to help cover the instance's costs, or support my other work. Reaching 20€ per month (5€ per week) would allow us to migrate the instance to a better server, thus ensuring better performance, and more disk space.

If you still wish to support me but cannot do recurring donations, you can still donate to me via PayPal.

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