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The Chapo Collective is a group of leftist software developers building ChapoChat, an independent space for solidarity and true democratization on the internet. is a leftist social platform centered around community building through discussion, posting memes, and sharing content. is our own custom instance of Lemmy, an open-source link aggregator. We are actively building new features and improvements for our instance and are also committed to contributing upstream to make Lemmy a better project for everyone.

Our goal is to demonstrate that community-funded and worker-owned technology can scale and maintain itself. We intend to create a community that isn't powered by selling ourselves and our community to advertisers.

Donations go towards active hosting costs and also building up a runway so we can afford to add better infrastructure and stability. If the support is there, we also really want to formally create a worker-owned tech cooperative so some members of the team can do this full time.

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