Niklas Poslovski

I work on several open source projects

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I'm the leading (and currently the only) developer of the Halcyon project,an popular alternative webclient for Mastodon which looks like Twitter,making the fediverse easier to use especially for new people.
I'm one of the main developers of the PixelFork project,an fork of Pixelfed,an decentralized image sharing platform like Instagram but with more focus on the wishes of the community and keeping it completely open - every part.
I create the new design of Libravatar,an decentralized open source avatar service which will soon switch over to a completely new software.I'm also part of the Libravatar team.
Additionally I'm the owner of some forums and proprietary websites but I don't really work at them anymore and I get money there using ads (if I had users...).

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As Liberapay doesn't allow me to correctly add my NotABug (Gogs) account and my Git repositories,I list them here:

And you find the Libravatar project here:

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