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I'm a CS undergrad and an open source developer. I love to hack on open source projects and also create a few of my own. I mostly build cli tools to automate stuff or wrappers/packages for various APIs. If you like my work and/or have used it in any of your projects then consider donating to me. Every dollar counts, it can also help me fund my trips to various developer conferences.

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GIG 16 Aggiornato 1 anno fa

[Unmaintained] A cli :computer: tool to generate gitignore files for your projects. Written in python :snake:

awesome-campus-ambassadors 34 Aggiornato 1 anno fa

Curated list of campus ambassador programs offered by various organizations.

CoWaPS 10 Aggiornato 2 anni fa

CodeWarsProfileScraper. Only meant for practicing scraping.

GitterPy 4 Aggiornato 2 anni fa

A simple command line tool :computer: to interact with the Gitter API. [WIP]



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