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abdullah tarawneh is trying to survive capitalism.

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i wanna create cool things and remove the giant thundercloud of capitalism from above my head. currently recovering from various financial crises and i would appreciate even just a few dollars to help fund my more creative endeavors.

what i've done / am doing:

  • i've volunteered time and some code to open-source projects like OBS, mastodon, pixelfed, and plume, whenever possible. i'd like to do more of that, and maybe build a few things of my own for the digital commons.

  • i've previously done some concert photography and in my opinion i think the photos are pretty rad. i'd like to do more photography and maybe afford something better than a years-old used pocket camera that i bought for a couple hundred bucks... one day. and going to concerts isn't cheap.

  • i've previously tried streaming retro and classic video games, but had to stop when my 11-year-old desk literally fell apart on me. after a year i finally have a setup again, but the desk i'm using is too small to put a crt tv and some retro consoles on it.

  • i've done web and graphic design (no showcase yet) but my 6-year-old motherboard died and i had to upgrade my computer at the cost of several hundred dollars out-of-pocket for the new motherboard, new compatible processor, and new compatible ddr4 ram... and it's not like i had that much money in my pocket in the first place.

  • speaking of money, i just wrapped up two college degrees (for biomedical engineering and computer science), and i'm short a few thousands of dollars in extra credit-hours due to my full-tuition scholarship only lasting 4 years. over the past 4 years, i took an average of 22 hours per semester instead of the "full-time" 15, and i just had to pay $2300 for my last 2 classes, which strained my already very empty pockets.

i would appreciate any help possible with getting back on my feet and getting my life in order!

what i would use any money for:

any donations received will be used for food and transportation primarily. beyond that, i'd like to fund my otherwise-unpaid volunteering and creative projects.

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