Programmer, engineer, world federalist/globalist, European.

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Hej! I'm Ludoviko, you may know me from various places on the internet. I am an Electronics Engineer from Europe who enjoys programming in their spare time. I work on various projects in my free-time, mainly Minecraft-based.

If you have a few spare Euro cents (other currencies accepted) and enjoy my projects, please feel free to throw them my way if you wish. They'll help with my caffeine addiction!

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Diru 1 Aggiornato questa settimana

A Discord translate bot written in Go

Kontrolo-Fabric 1 Aggiornato 3 settimane fa

A Quality of Life mod for Minecraft!

Kontrolo-Forge 0 Aggiornato 4 mesi fa

A Quality of Life mod for Minecraft!

Vetero-js 0 Aggiornato 1 anno fa

A simple JS weather app

Skribu.js 0 Aggiornato 1 anno fa

An Open-source blogging platform written in Next.js


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