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Sam is fixing bicycles and making software.

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I am a full time bicycle mechanic, and an active transit advocate. I am currently raising the money to attend framebuilding school to try and open a cooperatively owned and run bike shop with a friend. My goal is to use any donated money to learn fillet-brazing techniques, and then later take a TIG-welding class so that I am better able to repair bicycle frames as well.


In my free time I make open source software mostly related to Go (golang), Rust, and XMPP (Jabber) and write articles on my blog related to anything and everything.

I previously enjoyed working on the Go programming language itself, but mostly stopped as Google has consolidated its power over the language and package distribution. Major changes I've made include new APIs and bug fixes in encoding/xml, changes to the tooling including the ability for go fix to upgrade the x/net/context package to use the standard library context, the creation of a PRECIS implementation in x/text/secure/precis, and various other changes, features, and proposals in the standard library and subrepos.

I am also working on a suite of XMPP related libraries in Go, collectively called "Mellium" that will be (hopefully) developed as cooperative software (if you'd like to join us as a member and help us figure this out, let us know!).

If you want to find more of my software, check the following sites:

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A co-op bike shop trying to get started in Atlanta, GA.

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