A peertube instance for creators.

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About this project

Spectra is a dedicated PeerTube instance intended for video creators who want to share their original video creations with the fediverse - this can be in the form of vlogs, documentaries, news updates, interviews, comedy sketches, and much, much more.

The Goal of Spectra

The #1 goal of Spectra is simple - build an intentional video community within the fediverse. We're aiming to connect with a handful of vetted instances in the hopes that it will help creators discover one another, and grow the network into a feasible alternative to places such as YouTube.

Where do funds go?

The primary cost that Spectra has to handle right now is infrastructure hosting. The admin is paying directly out-of-pocket to cover the server as well as video storage, and a good dedicated server for this kind of platform is not necessarily cheap. As operations scale up and more processing power is required to handle live streams and transcoding, Spectra will need to migrate to more powerful server infrastructure.


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