I provide art, poetry, fantasy adventure stories, and various Youtube videos.

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  • On Youtube I publish folkloric and mythological poetry and fantasy story narrations, book reviews, unboxings, item reviews, meditations, ASMR videos, art videos, and sometimes writing tips and workshops. Some of the videos are done as donations to the Trotsdale and Intersim library system in Second Life for interested library patrons.

  • As Teresa Garcia I write and publish mythological and folkloric themed poetry to read for free.

  • I am the official quest and challenge writer for DragonHeartsRPG.com.

  • I also write fantasy adventure webserials that I later release in print for those that would like physical copies of my work. Current projects are the ["Selkies' Skins"](teresagarciaserials.weebly.com) and "Dragon Shaman" series. Some older inactive stories can be accessed through the sticky note at the top of my Dreamwidth

  • I also release my fantasy art on DeviantArt as AmehanaRainStarDrago.

  • I have fanfictions available on Fanfiction.net under LadyRainStarDragon.

  • Old original works and drafts of certain items can be accessed at my FictionPress account under LadyRainStarDragon.

  • Some of my work can be read for free at my Dreamwidth Archive.

  • My for-free work can also viewed at my Patreon, but I have set up this account for those that would like to support me that are unable to use Patreon or would desire to have more control over how much their fees are.

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