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Hi! My name is David Revoy and I'm a french CG artist creating an open-source webcomic called Pepper&Carrot. Pepper&Carrot is about "Pepper", a young witch and her cat, "Carrot". They live in a fun fantasy universe made of potions, magic and creatures. It's a comedy/humor webcomic suited for everyone. No mature content, no violence.

To get an idea, read pepper&Carrot webcomic episodes here :


Bonuses for everyones

Every donors will sponsor bonus content for the benefit of everyone: bonus

  • All the webcomic episodes are online here.

  • The Krita files of every artworks are stored on the Sources.

  • Brushes are on my personal blog here.

  • Videos are on my Youtube channel.

  • Open license (CC-By4.0) is specified in the footer of every pages.

  • Wallpapers are all here.

Why on Liberapay ?

I believe sharing, transmitting knowledge, learning and collaborate is the most important. Pepper&Carrot is a totally free webcomic and part of the free culture ( as Wikipedia, Linux, etc... ). All episodes and content around it are released as Creative Commons attribution license. It means I encourage crazy thing like : commercial usage, re-publishing and modifications/derivations for your own project ( 3D models, movies, video-game, fan-art ... everything is possible ). I even offer the source files and I create them using 100% open-source tools. That's how I like art : Free/Libre.

But how to make a living doing Pepper&Carrot without the usual industry model ; without publishers, DRM, paywalls and copyrights ?... Asking for donation is the best solution...


Q: I saw your profile on Patreon, Tipeee ; why also on Liberapay ?

A: Yes, I already have a profile on other popular patronage platform, but I was looking for an alternative with a stronger focus on privacy for the Pepper&Carrot audience. That's why I'm also here.

Q: Can I get a credit written at the end of Pepper&Carrot if I donate via Liberapay ?

A: Yes, it is possible. It was impossible before 2022 but now Liberapay support the feature for the one who want (you can decide to hide your account and donation via the "Privacy" settings in your profile).

Thank you for sponsoring my work!

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