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My main goal is to pay for the following (all in USD):

T-Mobile Home Internet - 50 a month / 15.25 a week rsync borg backup, 1 tb - 15.36 a month, 3.84 a week Porkbun: Domain: 7.84 a year, but first year is 4.22. This would be about 9 cents a week for the first year but about 17 cents for every week after that cPanel: 12 a month, which is 3 a week Email - 24 a year, which is 2 a month and 0.5 a week Porkbun total: 0.13/w for domain (average) 0.5/w for email 3/week for hosting which is 3.63

Total total: about 22.72 a week

The extra 3.28 of the main goal of $25 would be to cover any extra small costs or expenses, or just a meal every once in a while.

My secondary goal is to get at least $30, as this would not only allow me to pay for everything above but buy myself nice things and fund projects I'm working on. While 7.28 more a week doesn't sound like much, that's 29.12 a month, and almost $350 a year in extra funds!

For example, I'm currently working on an album and 2 EPs. While the first EP will use my own artwork (fits the aesthetic of the project), I want to commission artwork for the album cover, the EP cover, and 2 single covers for the EP. I don't know the exact pricing, but it would probably be at least 150 USD.

I also want to collaborate with Keyon Christ - which would set me back another 100-200 USD. In total, this would at least cost me $250 USD. If a $30 goal was successful starting December, I would have $200 saved up by June (which would be enough for the EP) and $50 by late August for the album cover - which would align with my release goals of summer 2022 for the EP and early fall for the album!

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