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My goal is not only to create games just to have fun but to give you an experience to stimulate your mind. Something that i believe is lacking in modern games. Sure with the latest technology and numerous engines, people can produce their own games, but basically, these are clones of one another with a few extra features here and there. Some are also just mindful violence without any substance at all, including a proper story. I aim to be different from all that. My intention is leave you with an experience, stimulating your mind to be more than just a crazed killer. I will be honest you, I'm not a great programmer nor artist. I have been a computer technician for most of my life, but due to certain circumstances, I never got to further my education further than Secondary School Level. I am a great Electrician though, or so I've been told. during those years, i have been keeping up with technology, buying books and teaching myself Programming as well as fixing computers on the side. Your support will be greatly appreciated if you so desire to help. For now everything is solo, but I would like to develop a team to produce higher quality games. As an added bonus, requests for games ports, or clones would be able to be produced for you if you so desire. Providing it can be done without infringing on any copyright claims of course.

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