John Neffenger

I’m an independent software developer working on open-source software.

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👋 Hi! I'm John Neffenger, author of the OpenJDK and OpenJFX Snap packages, the VOLANO chat server, and the JavaFX support for e-paper displays. With your support, I can continue to work on the following open-source projects:

OpenJDK and OpenJFX
Publish each new release of OpenJDK and OpenJFX in the Snap Store. Work with the upstream projects to create verified reproducible builds.

VOLANO Chat Server
Update the server with the latest Java features and rewrite the clients for the modern Web. Make it easy to install, configure, and monitor the server.

Programming Electronic Ink
Document how to design, code, and test Java apps for e-paper with Ubuntu on Kobo e-readers.

Please see my website for other ways to sponsor my work or make a one-time donation.

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JDK builds for Linux from source

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JavaFX builds for Linux from source

volano 3 Aggiornato 6 mesi fa

VOLANO Chat Server

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JavaFX application for testing e-paper displays


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