Je développe quelques trucs le soir dans mon garage, notamment pour Shaarli

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Shaarli-Material 184 Aggiornato 2 mesi fa

Shaarli Material is a theme for Shaarli, the famous personal, minimalist, super-fast, database free, bookmarking service.

shaarli-plugin-via 6 Aggiornato 2 mesi fa

A tiny plugin which allows you to add the original source (name and url) of a new link.

shaarli2mastodon 8 Aggiornato 2 mesi fa

This Shaarli plugin allows you to automatically publish links you post on your Mastodon timeline.

shaarli-plugin-autosave 3 Aggiornato 2 mesi fa

Automatically saves data when editing a link to avoid any loss in case of crash or unexpected shutdown.

shaarli-plugin-persistags 1 Aggiornato 3 anni fa

Adds your favorite tags to your homepage.

shaarli-plugin-disqus 1 Aggiornato 3 anni fa

Adds Disqus comment system to your Shaarli


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