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NoFleeingAllowed 0 Aggiornato 6 mesi fa

Colorblind_Friendly_Charts 0 Aggiornato 6 mesi fa

Change colours in History Tabs Charts in order to be more distinguishable

Corrected-Workgivers 1 Aggiornato 6 mesi fa

XML patches that makes "Stone Cutting" depending on the "Construction skill" and re-add the old Repair work type.

Campfires-Can-Cremate-Corpses 0 Aggiornato 6 mesi fa

You know what? It permit to cremate corpses at campfires. Yep!

CK_AnimalPlant_Pack 6 Aggiornato 6 mesi fa

This mod alter the tropical rainforest biome : it add a significant amount of new animals and plants to the game and increase fauna and flora diversity.

KK_MovableSandbags 0 Aggiornato 6 mesi fa

Just that, make sandbags movable.

DESurgeries 7 Aggiornato 2 anni fa

DESurgeries mod (originally by DarknessEyes) - taken from Aristocat's Medical Complication Mod Pack -

Gun-Tech-Removal 0 Aggiornato 2 anni fa

Remove all guns (and grenades) in pawn generation process AND remove all mechanoids raids

FastSpreadingGrass 0 Aggiornato 2 anni fa

Makes grass able to spread seeds quicker.

RTGs 0 Aggiornato 2 anni fa

Adds RTGs to Rimworld

CraftableMolotovCocktails 0 Aggiornato 2 anni fa

Just Craftable Molotov Cocktails, nothing less, nothing more.

AsSimpleAsRack 2 Aggiornato 2 anni fa

ASAR is a mod that add simple storage solution and refrigerated more advanced ones

KK_AnimalOverhaul 3 Aggiornato 2 anni fa

KK_AO : A collection of patches and tweaks regarding animals

Less-Rebuff 4 Aggiornato 2 anni fa

Just reduce the stack number of "Rebuffed by X" mood.


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