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your rights and life depend every year more on how software is used AROUND you.

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I have a strong motivation, and by now some experience too, to work, write and teach on digital issues that really matter for everybody's future. I do my best to always combine the strong need for real, meaningful innovation with healthy skepticism. You can have an idea of my work and point of view on my main blog, the Stop! at Zona-M.

Being an independent author, researcher and popularizer allows me to devote at least part of my time to work on what I consider most important, without any external constraint.

This, by the way, also helps academics, journalists and public officials to get new perspective and connects dots for their public services. The more direct support I get, the better I can do this. But I do not want to do this behind paywalls.

Thanks in advance for supporting my work with donations for any amount and/or sharing it in the other ways described in my main "Support Marco" page.



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