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Supporting the development of a regenerative glocal commons is easier said than done. It has given me a chance to exercise faith and courage, adaptability and resilience. Investing into this web of wicked problems has been a choice to follow my dhamma; however, I'm still learning how to sustain myself fiscally.

Liminal action and community building work is deeply rewarding to my soul. I am building strong relationships, developing my skills in facilitation, project management, communications and event management. I am comforted in knowing that what I do provides value to the communities I serve.

Along with others who are barnraising new systems for humanity, I'm exploring ways to work with total integrity while still maintaining financial sustainability. My goal is to earn "just enough to be generous". Would you experiment in a journey of micro-gifting with me?

Your gift will support this ongoing challenge to live in rightness with earth, society and spirit, with courage, determination and symbiotic transformation.

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