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dotfiles 2 Aggiornato 1 settimana fa

My dotfiles backup

shotkey 21 Aggiornato 2 settimane fa

A suckless hot key daemon for X with configurable custom modes and key chords

enum-fp 24 Aggiornato 3 settimane fa

Functional Enum type / Sum type for javascript with simple pattern matching

algebraic-effects 151 Aggiornato 3 settimane fa

Manage side-effects in your javascript application cleanly with algebraic effects

pipey 24 Aggiornato 3 settimane fa

Create pipeline operator ready functions by converting instance methods's to context-free functions

bsp-layout 57 Aggiornato 3 settimane fa

Manage layouts in bspwm (tall and wide)

pattern-lock-js 20 Aggiornato 3 settimane fa

Pattern lock library for the web using canvas

use-tiny-state-machine 36 Aggiornato 4 settimane fa

A tiny (~700 bytes) react hook to help you write finite state machines

plasmajs 139 Aggiornato 1 mese fa

An isomorphic nodeJS framework based on react

bslock 4 Aggiornato 1 mese fa

Better slock with clean keypress feedback

popcorn 0 Aggiornato 2 mesi fa

A suckless way for displaying popups in X

owyn-launcher 3 Aggiornato 2 mesi fa

Owny launcher (Only what you need) is a clean minimal android launcher

dtext 0 Aggiornato 2 mesi fa

DText fork - A simple font rendering library for X

fp-collections-rs 3 Aggiornato 2 mesi fa

A functional collections library for rust

mandelbrot-explorer 2 Aggiornato 3 mesi fa

A simple x application to explore the mandelbrot set

any-pinentry 1 Aggiornato 3 mesi fa

A flexible pinentry script for GNUpg. Uses dmenu by default.

shell-macros 1 Aggiornato 7 mesi fa

Write command line macros in bash and zsh

stfwp 5 Aggiornato 2 anni fa

A collection of scripts and ideas to fuck with people

service-worker-js 26 Aggiornato 2 anni fa

Service worker recipies library

f-inator-3000 8 Aggiornato 2 anni fa

Convert a sentence into an f-ing great sentence.



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