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Since 2016, I've been developing mods for Minetest, including the Just Test Tribute game which is the basis of the JT2 server. I have also contributed to the Minetest engine. Being a volunteer, means that I don't make a any profit from these projects. So financial contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated, as they will help me to continue working on Minetest mods and games.

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markup 1 Aggiornato 9 mesi fa

Bedrock Markup Language is an extensible markup language and API for Minetest formspecs.

auth_rx 4 Aggiornato 2 anni fa

Auth Redux is a drop-in replacement for Minetest's builtin authentication handler

polygraph 3 Aggiornato 2 anni fa

Polygraph is a formspec-based charting API for Minetest



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