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Working on Plaintext-first Open Source Software

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Hey :) I'm the founder of EMPT and a passionate full-time open source developer. My goal is to bring the simplicity, resource efficiency, and stability of plaintext-first software to users outside of the software industry. I'm currently spending the majority of my time contributing to the following projects:

  • EMPT, a fully open source IT software infrastructure built on top of FreeBSD, optimized for RFC-standardized plaintext interfaces
    • Author, maintainer, and primary active developer of the project
  • FreeBSD
    • Occasional patches and bug reports, mainly to the Ports collection
  • T2 System Development Environment
    • Occasional patches and bug reports, mainly to packages
  • Alpine Linux
    • Maintainer of a few packages

Other than these, when the need arises, I enjoy contributing patches in my free time to all the other wonderful open source software projects that I rely on day-to-day. I also record some of my working sessions and occasionally live stream on my youtube and twitch channels, so I'd love to hear from you in the comments and chat!

If you like my work, I'd really appreciate your support!

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