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Open source software for amateur radio

L'obiettivo di tarxvf è quello di ricevere 250,00 USD a settimana.


I'm looking to continue writing software for ham radio, while also paying bills.

My primary interest, as far as liberapay donations will support, is in-radio satellite prediction, doppler correction, and other related features running on the OpenRTX project. I firmly believe OpenRTX will become the "Linux of radios", and I think this feature is cool enough to act as a first killer-app for attracting users who might not otherwise care about "open source".

I also work on other projects: I've been working on the M17 project for quite some time now, and am one of the core team. I've written, a convenient online codeplug editor, firmware upgrade center, and much more, currently focused on TYT MD-380 radios and their related clones. I'd like to expand this dramatically and eventually replace Chirp with something a little easier to work on.

None of these projects make me any money, though I am exploring ways of mixing profit and FOSS without misaligning incentives. Any funding here means that much less time working a day job or burning savings.

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maidenhead 0 Aggiornato 10 mesi fa

Tiny C library for handling maidenhead grid squares with arbitrary precision.



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