Zed is creating Nitter, an alternative Twitter front-end

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A free and open source alternative Twitter front-end focused on privacy.

If you find Nitter useful and would like to see the features mentioned below implemented, please consider donating. In the past few months I've worked hard to ensure feature parity with Twitter, making parsing and rendering as complete and correct as possible. Along with rewriting the backend to use Twitter's new API, caching has been reworked to cache even more data, making Nitter twice as fast. The next steps are supporting embeds, developing an account system, content archival, adding an API, and more. These tasks require a lot of time, so all help is appreciated.

  • No JavaScript or ads
  • All requests go through the backend, client never talks to Twitter
  • Prevents Twitter from tracking your IP or JavaScript fingerprint
  • Unofficial API (no rate limits or developer account required)
  • AGPLv3 licensed, no proprietary instances permitted
  • Themes
  • Lightweight (for @nim_lang, 58KB vs 784KB from
  • Native RSS feeds
  • Mobile support (responsive design)

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Alternative Twitter front-end


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